Solved — Error Skipping object checkout, Git LFS is not installed

You have Git LFS installed but you keep receiving an error message saying it is not. Here is how to solve this issue.

Git LFS (Large File Storage) is an open-source project and is an extension to Git. The goal is to work more efficiently with large files and binary files into your repository. If you have a large file on your repository, you should be using Git LFS — it uses pointers instead of the actual files, so you can store the files/file types that are marked as LFS files on a remote server like GitHub or BitBucket.

You can install Git LFS on your MacOS/Linux computer using a package manager like Homebrew brew install git-lfs or MacPorts port install git-lfs.

After installing the package, when you first try to use Git LFS, you may experience the error Skipping object checkout, Git LFS is not installed.

Error Skipping object checkout, Git LFS is not installed

This error happens because installing the package is not enough to install Git LFS, so you also need to run git lfs install before you can begin to use its features. After running that command, you should see the following output on your terminal:

Now you should be all set to start using Git LFS on your machine.